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Light Infantry

  • Rokots: The staple infantry of Kosmoflot, with berets that could make a Fusilier jealous. Rokots are an interesting line troop due to several factors – namely, the camo infiltration options and the SMG profiles that pack grenades and D-charges just in case. Worth mentioning is that Rokots in Kosmoflot can take an 8-point light shotgun/chain rifle fireteam, which is excellent for padding out a defensive fireteam. If you’re not taking Wallace as your lieutenant, you should be considering one of these mooks to do the job. 
  • Para-Commandos: Sporting a sexy new sculpt for N4, this parachutist performs as great as he looks. Two interesting profiles to look out for are the AP spitfire, to provide a deadly flanking unit, and the Forward Observer profile with BS Attack (+1 Damage) to accomplish backfield objectives. Both FO options also pack D-charges, for surprise demolitions.
  • Highlander Caterans: Rocking camouflage, mimetism (-3), and climbing plus, the Cateran is a solid choice for a long-rage defensive piece. The T2 sniper he carries is just scary enough to give any opponent pause before engaging due to the enormous damage a lucky shot could inflict. Unlike most snipers, CC22, Phys13 and an AP CCW grants you some respectable CC ability should you get engaged. Since this model is Irregular and relatively cheap, you can ARO aggressively without substantially impacting your order pool. Should he survive, use Climbing Plus to hop between perches and set up a new angle of fire to torment your opponent with.
  • Frontoviks: Taken straight from TAK, Frontoviks represent veteran soldiers sent to spearhead Ariadna’s forays into space. While a little pricey for light infantry, Frontoviks are a solid gunfighting profile sporting mimetism(-3), BS12, and Veteran to help keep the plan together if the lieutenant gets killed. While there is a profile for every occasion, the AP sniper stands out for being including one of the few MSV1 models available to Kosmoflot. If you’re looking for a cheap template launcher, the HRL can punch substantially above their cost if used properly. Unfortunately, both Frontoviks and Scots Guard compete directly with the Unknown Ranger when the AP spitfire is mentioned, and you will unlikely be taking both.  Frontoviks are now able to fireteam with both Kosmosoldats and Scots Guard, enabling you to make some terrifying gunfighter teams.
  • Zenit-7: A graduate of the Spetsnaz Schola, the Zenit-7 serves to ensure that even in space, Ariadnans will hear the Stavka’s commands. Zenit-7 can bring either a AP sniper or AP marksman rifle (all with+1 damage stapled to the profiles), depending on the range you want to fight at, and bear mimetism(-3), camouflage, and a decoy to disguise your positioning. If you’re running an aggressive lieutenant, the Zenit offers your only Chain of Command option to protect you from your own decisions.
  • Kazak Doctor: An entirely average doctor in a faction that mostly does not use Cubes, the Kazak Doctor is not much to write home about. The N4 Fireteam Update helped differentiate her from the 112 by allowing her to join Rokot fireteams, though her inclusion will turn off composition bonuses.  She is outperformed in healing duty by a fireteamed Rokot paramedic for less points. 
  • 112: A fireman, in space, you say? Say no more. 112s are a solid if boring Doctor choice for your faction, comparable to the Kazak Doctor above but sporting Courage and a light shotgun to boot. The 112 cannot fireteam in Kosmoflot, which makes him an interesting contender for a Remotenikbot. 
  • Dozers: In a faction spoiled for amazing engineers, the Dozer is your worst choice. You should really only be taking one if you’re committing to the perfection of Traktor Muls, in which case their inclusion is mandatory.
  • 112 motorized: Your best and only biker, the 112 Motorized carries the interesting distinction of being a non-impetuous biker. This biker fireman is at his best when you need a fast specialist, especially when the mission blocks your excellent midfield deployment with an exclusion zone.

Polaris Team: Dawn only has one export more productive than Tesium, and that is the salt produced by the deployment of a Polaris unit to the battlefield. This unit consists of two models – a controller and a Polaris Bearpode, for a steal of 32 points. In this configuration, the Bearpode generates a Regular order and can somehow take cover, likely due to his handler whispering sweet nothings over the radio. Despite the controller’s name, the two models are activated entirely separately, and the controller’s death has no impact on the bearpode.

Before discussing the Polaris Team Bearpode, you should be familiar with the utter bullshittery that each Bearpode profile brings to the table. This unstoppable behemoth moves an eye-watering 6-4, unphased by vertical terrain thanks to Climbing Plus. They are capable of covering their own advance to the enemy DZ by throwing smoke grenades with their Phys16, or can dodge mines or templates with relative ease. Any conventional weaponry is prone to bounce off a bearpode’s mighty Arm 5 and Total Immunity, while 2 wounds AND dogged state ensure that they are nightmarish to take down. Bearpodes are universally armed with a trench hanmmer, AP CCW, the Berzerk skill and CC attack (+2 damage) to land at a whopping DAM 18. In either case, bearpodes are extremely vulnerable to Viral weapons, which will hit against the bear’s non-existent BTS, also ignoring their total immunity. Though viral is relatively rare, weapons that target BTS saves are much less so. Beware breaker weapons and nanopulsars like the plague, or else your opponent might stand a chance of stopping you.

In the case of the Polaris Team Bearpode, you can threaten your enemies with a Chain Rifle +1Dam+1B and grenades so you can oppose enemy dodges with your monstrous Phys16. 

  • Unknown Ranger: The best member of USARF is obviously in Kosmo, so use him! A wildcard with MSV1, Natural Born Warrior, Mimetism -3, or a variety of other rules who happens to have an AP Spitfire profile. This is the profile you should always be taking, and since he can be thrown IN LITERALLY ANY FIRETEAM you can rock and roll with this bad boy. UKR is one of our best gunfighters, so buddy a few Varangians up and charge up the board together. In a pinch, you can even do a low-tech smoke trick with his MSV1.
  • Wardriver: Your best hacker in the faction, which is unfortunately not saying much. While the Wardriver is a perfectly fine cheap hacker, a non-existent repeater network leaves this specialist without the support she needs. Still worth considering for certain classified or objectives.

Medium Infantry:

  • Scots Guards: The Scottish version of Frontoviks – these elite infantry serve as a solid gunfighting and camouflage platform. You have two flavors – the 1st Battalion, which features FTO options for your Scots, or the 2nd Battalion, which trades fireteams for camouflage. While Scots are solid, they struggle to stand out among your other tools. Of particular note is the 2nd Battalion missile, which can prove a fatal surprise for an unsuspecting opponent.

Heavy Infantry

Volkolak: Volkolak are dog warriors that have had their transformation stopped partway through, retaining the mind of a soldier but unholy durability of a beast. Volkolak feature full-blown Total Immunity, as well as a rugged Arm4 and No Wound Incapacitation. For CC these hairy operators sport a respectable CC22 and Natural Born Warrior, allowing these badasses a chance to smack an Oniwaban around in a pinch. Super Jump is a handy tool to keep in your back pocket, just case you want to launch a surprise trickshot or take/leave an elevated position in a hurry. 

Volkolaks have the dual advantage of being a wildcard, but also having the (Rokot) tag for fireteam composition. As a result, a missile-toting Volkolak in a core fireteam of Rokots has emerged as an incredibly potent defensive fireteam for a budget. By the time your opponent has chewed through the Volkolak, they’ll be out of orders to prepare for the rest of your forces.

Kosmosoldat: As a continuation of the Armata-proyekt, Kosmosoldats represent the cutting edge of Ariadna combat technology by improving on the Ratnik design. Kosmosoldats feature an absurdly high armor for a Silhouette 2 model, with ARM6/BTS2 and No Wound Incapacitation. With a respectable BS13 and blistering firepower at his disposal, this heavy infantry can safely engage entrenched enemies and expect to survive a lost engagement or two. Despite the rugged armor, the Kosmosoldat suffers the vulnerabilites of every other Heavy Infantry in the Sphere by being hackable, while dodging at a paltry Phys11. 

For close encounters, each Kosmosoldat carries an AP heavy pistol.

Each profile has a unique specialty to bring to the table, none of which that can be disregarded lightly. A Specialist Operative profile exists with a T2 rifle +1B, underslung panzerfaust, and a heavy flamethrower to clear a room in a pinch. 

Alternately, you can spend some SWC and pick up either anAP HMG +1DAM, or an Autocannon with MSV1. Both can be taken at a lieutenant or not for no price difference, though the Lt order will be arbitrary if you’re fighting in a fireteam. No matter what, these stone-cold bastards tote some of the heaviest firepower in the faction.

Kosmosoldats have seen a tremendous glow-up in the N4 Fireteam Update by gaining the ability to form a Haris fireteam, padding their ranks with cheaper Frontoviks or wildcards. 

Mirage-5:  The Terror Tag Team that is Mirage-5 commands your opponent’s respect and attention simply by existing in this faction. If not, these Deployment Zone parachutist nightmares can easily infiltrate the enemy DZ and clear it with chilling efficiency, combining the legal precision and firepower of a gunfighter with the brutality of a Dog Warrior. 

Margot sports the best BS in all of Ariadna at BS14, wielding a light shotgun, AP rifle, and light grenade launcher. She boasts a respectable Arm3 to survive light return fire, and can make quick work of exposed models near any edge of the board.

Duroc, on the other hand, carries a pair of chain rifles and grenades, with the expected Total Immunity and Arm3 of a Dog Warrior, though with the same Viral vulnerability. Unlike the climbing bearpode, Duroc has Super Jump to quickly reach rooftops or other hard-to-reach areas, allowing him to pop up for surprise attacks. Though Duroc doesn’t hit as hard as a Bearpode, his ability to walk in from the enemy board edge allows him surgical precision while planning his attack run. If you need to leg it a little to your target or block LOF from a defender, he also carries smoke grenades.

Due to Kosmoflot’s limited access to decoys and minelayers, it is incredibly difficult to disguise the 2 missing orders that this team leaves in your combat groups. This sword can cut both ways if you play your cards right – any 13 or 14 model list can immediately make your opponent break out in a nervous sweat. And if your opponent is defending their backline, that’s less troopers dedicated to stopping your bears.

Traktor Mul: These derpy trash cans are Ariadna’s best excuse for a remote unit so far. While they lack the speed, utility, or flexibility of any other faction’s remotes, Traktor Muls manage to command respect though sheer force of badassery. To take Traktor Muls, you must first buy a Dozer with a Control Device, even though this has no effect once you hit the table. After that, you can take up to 2 traktors per Dozer, from a list of 3 options. For 5pts, you can take a baggage bot armed with no more than a defensive taser. For a little more you can either take the Katyusha, a poor man’s a missile launcher, or an Urugan that sports Total Reaction on the Urugan MRL. Both weapons are laughable by combat remote standards, with rifle range bands of 8″-16″, and meh ammo and damage, all at adorable BS10. Both options, interestingly, feature the (Guided) trait which can lead to some hilariously unexpected guided weapon shenanigans. Unfortunately without easy access toSporlught, forward observers are your best bet for setting this play up, and that is sad. 

Though Traktor Muls are not amazing, or even good, by any metric, they are above all else incredibly cheap. With baggage on every profile, Traktor Muls become interestingly viable for any mission that relies on zone domination simply by existing. In these missions, a dirt-cheap, short-range and incredibly disposable remote could be amazing, especially with Total Reaction. Don’t write these little garbage cans out.


Pavel Aleksei McMannus:

Uxia McNeil


Polaris Bearpode: See above for the breakdown on Bearpodes in general. This version is both Irregular and Impetuous, which gives you a tasty impetuous order at the price of never being able to claim cover. You pay a “premium” of 31 points for this version, losing your grenades and Chain Rifles in the process, but pick up an incredible Heavy Shotgun (+1 dam) in exchange. Oh my. This thing is absolutely ridiculous within 8″, giving your opponent the choice between face-to-facing two BS17, Dam16 AP shots before negative modifiers, or eating two Dam16 templates that ignore cover. This shotgun will completely fuck up anything that they fight, and are heinously stapled to a platform that is durable enough to ignore incoming reaction fire for several orders while unleashing death.

William Wallace: As an Aleph recreation with amnesia, Wallace packs all the perks of an advanced L-host body, but this time with extra FREEEEEEDOOOOM! Wallace bounds up the field with a blistering 6-4 move, counting as a Varangian for fireteam purposes. While his T2 rifle (+1 damage!), light shotgun, and BS13 are respectable, the meh rangebands of rifle fire paired with a lack of MSV or mimetism leave this glorious leader falling short in firefights. Where he shines, however, is smashing stuff in CC where his CC24, Natural Born Warrior, and dam15 Explosive CCW can be berzerked at a +3 mod directly into your opponent’s helpless troopers. 

Wallace is above all else an incredible Lieutenant, a profile that is unique to Caledonia and Kosmoflot. This raging Scotsman, despite his aggressive kit, is Kosmoflot’s only WIP15 lieutenant option and one of two profiles in the entire game that has the Inspiring Leadership skill. This is huge for two reasons – first, all of your troopers are now treated as having the Regular training characteristic, which means that all of your Irregular troops now generate Regular orders for their combat groups. Yes, even the 3-point Warcor you often take as a filler. Secondly, the Inspiring Leader is able to use their lieutenant order each turn to participate in a Coordinated Order that does not cost a Command Token. In a faction like Kosmoflot, this might as well translate to 3 free extra orders for your short-ranged skirmishers to close the distance, or to set up a devastating coordinated attack with low-burst weapons like Caterans, Scots Guard missiles, and the like. What’s more, since the actual training of your troopers changes to Regular, that means that even formerly Irregular troopers are now able to participate in Coordinated Orders with Regular models, which would otherwise be impossible. Just take care to remember that Wallace cannot benefit from Coordinated Orders and stay in a fireteam, so you’ll have to choose between the two. As a result, you might actually be better served with a Wallace hanging out by his lonesome, rather than running up the field with a cohort of Varangians.

Worth noting is that this is an obvious, aggressive, and high-class lieutenant piece that will have a target on his back. As a result, the Zenit-7 Chain of Command is a powerful insurance policy against accidentally putting yourself in Loss of Lieutenant after an unwisely aggressive play. That said, you’ll be paying almost 80 points on two models at this point. A much cheaper option is to just keep Wallace hidden until Turn 3, when his death would no longer cripple you.

Cadin “FirstStrike” Donn

Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff mcwolff wulver of wulfiness:

Varangian Guard: Varangians are technically a mercenary unit, representing Ariadnans that have taken to the Human Sphere in either Scottish kilts or funny Russian hats to go off on space adventures. Thanks to their home-field roots, Kosmoflot Varangians have access to a sectorial-specific profile that gives you a Chain Rifle, Heavy Pistol, Smoke Grenades, and an AP CCW for only 9 points. These crazy fuckers can pad your army out as cheap line troops while also acting as disposable dogged templates, melee suicide units, fireteam fillers, and Impetuous smoke throwers for one less point than some dipshit fusilier with a combi rifle. Not only that, but Varangians can form Fireteam Duos, Haris, and Core, so you can use them to kick ass in any variety you see fit. Dude to their stock smoke grenades and aggressive nature, these madmen pair excellently with the Unknown Ranger. 

While you could pay more points for fancier weapons that use your paltry BS10, you will hardly see much mileage out of them when you could be taking scarier gunfighters elsewhere. Worth considering is the Trench-hammer profile, which gives this wrecking ball an anti-materiel weapon for objective smashing as well as an added oomph in CC damage output. Don’t ever throw the hammer unless it’s for a meme – and even then, double-think your choices.

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