Panoceania is an interesting faction in that it is most defined by the tools it lacks. The biggest elephant in the room is the near total lack of zero visability zones, aka Smoke. The only form of smoke in all of Pano is the eclipse grenade launcher on the guarda de assaultos auxbot friend, only available to Vanilla and Shock Army. Additionally, there are no in house warbands, hacking device plus, and a significant weakness in the realms of specialists and combat jumpers.

So why would you bother playing this army? Because Shooting. Pano has a collection of some of the best gunfighters in the game, and 2 of the best and most problematic tags in the game. BS 15 and mimetism -6 is on two models. There are plenty of mimetism models with BS13 wielding fearsome weapons. The knightly orders add some very dangerous CC Heavy infantry that are also no slouches at shooting as well.

Dont underestimate pano hacking either. Their individual hackers are not impressive, but Pano have excellent combat remotes with built in repeaters that can create very widespread repeater networks.

Pano creates problematic matchups for lots of opponents, but you have to temper your bloodlust and not forget about objectives! Murder isn’t always the answer! You” have to find creative solutions for how to get there.