Neoterran Capitaline Army

NCA have some of the premier gunfighters in the game, all shoved into one sectorial with access to some filthy fireteams. Bolts, Swiss Guard, Fusiliers, Auxilia, and Uhlans are all very interesting and powerful models. This army combines High end models, with high availability cheap models like Fugazi bots, CSUs, fusiliers, and Auxilia to provide a good amount of orders to fuel multiple nasty hitting pieces. This army is like a good bowl of chocolate ice cream. No toppings. No adulterations. Just pure fire supremacy at its best. I can’t reccomend NCA more as a sectorial for new players except you can’t get bolts anywhere now that they don’t suck!

Light Infantry

  • Auxilia: pano warbands! These troops combine awful stats with a helpful little flamethrower that can trade up with expensive pieces or protect your dz.  These guys are fearsome in close range combat and can push buttons when upgraded to FO.
  • Aida Swanson: Shasvastii infiltrator into the smuggling world hired by NCA to murder bears with viral weapons. I assume. Spendy but powerful gunfighter.
  • Corporate security unit: Handy little trooper that can join some fireteams and add some much needed template weapons as well as specialist profiles. They also help alleviate the AVA limit on fusiliers.
  • Deva functionary: Aleph loaners that allow you to have a wip 15 LT or Hacker in Pano. Outside of that they suffer from only being okay. The spitfire MSV 2 is a good attacking MSV2 piece in this army, much better than a black friar as an attack piece for sure!
  • Fusilier indigo bipandra: The highest WIP doctor in this army. She provides better armor and stats as well as a nanopulsar to join a fireteam. She is a little expensive but if you have the points she is a good upgrade.
  • Fusilier indigo Richard Quinn: MSV1 wildcard with a decent enough weapon, also is a wip 13 forward observer. Decent to add to an aggressive fireteam for button pressing and backup fighting/MSV.
  • Fusiliers: the foundation of any good defensive core fireteam. The missile is the standout profile as 15 points can level a tag. The hacker is also nice as six sense turns off stealth. Great lt option protected by a fireteam.
  • Hexas: Discount Swiss guard best used for grabbing objectives with a side order of murder. The killer hacker is fantastic at bluffing a better fighter than it is. Can move up the midfield to complete objectives. Don’t forget you can cybermask to avoid mines!
  • Machinist: Your best only engineer. Can spend some extra points to give bioimmunity, veteran, and join fireteams of bolts. You’ll take it often but its not exciting.
  • Shona carano: The best only CC model in all of NCA, (shut up I know locusts are cc20, thats not good enough and you know it) She is vulnerable to shock but can annihilate almost anything she gets into CC with her Dam 18 AP Exp CCW. The ability to wildcard is handy for aggresive fireteams to give them something to ward off incoming threats, and a burst 3 nanopulser/ burst 4 SMG isn’t too shabby.
  • Tech bee bae: Cheapest specialist in NCA and just as ineffective as anybody else is. Shes got a gizmokit so she can throw wrenches at your tags and remotes in a pinch. Don’t forget she has a pistol too.
  • Trauma doc: Trauma docs have somehow gotten worse since N3. Linked paramedics do it better and cheaper. You can still take the trauma doc as the palbots are helpful and Command token rerolls are pretty reliable if you want to save your swiss guard or something.
  • Warcor: if you have 3 points and an order slot this should fill that gap nicely. Good ARO piece, good discover tool.

Medium Infantry

  • Uma Sorenson: What a nice bolt proxy from defiance you got two of you big spender. Uma is very expensive for a one wound model with close range weapons. Just get more bolts instead!
  • Neoterran bolts: Bolts are fucking awesome this edition. They gave up N3 lame bioimmunity and got awesome N4 marksmanship instead. These guys in a link can easily shoot at bs 16 (before range) and ignore cover penalty. The MSV1 Multi sniper can abuse warbands who think their cute smoke dodges can save them, and the spitfire can wreck face as well. The spitfire is an excellent gunfighter and they still have the utility of specialists, drop bears, and boarding shotguns (shush, in panoceania boarding shotguns are specialized weapons.) Bolts are probably the #1 reason to play NCA over the other pano sectorials. These guys are amazing.
  • Black friar: Your MSV 2 unit in this army. The multi rifle is okay in a fireteam to stack some sweet discover mods. Leaving him up to ARO is foolish unless it is the very late game or you are desperate. Don’t forget he has drop bears. The other non linkable models are fine, but suffer from not really winning fights against models that don’t rely on mimetism super easily.

Heavy Infantry

  • Aquilla guard: Really expensive, but bs15 MSV3 HI. The FTO Multi marksman rifle can be a nasty fireteam member, and the HMG can really dampen the spirits of armies that rely on camo or mimetism. It is just very difficult to fit into a list with his 50+ point price tag.
  • Orc troops: These troops have had a huge glow up, but are probably outclassed in the fireteam business by Bolts, and way outclassed as solo attack pieces by Swiss Guard. Not bad, not great. Boring and reliable… as always.
  • Swiss guard: Oh boy. This model can start end careers. BS 15 and mim -6 camoflague on a durable HI body, this guy can outgun almost anything in the game. Leverage surprise attack, cover, and your mimetism to stack -12 mod on whatever poor soul is about to be on the receiving end of his HMG. Then there is the silent hunter, the dreaded Swiss Miss. Hidden deployment bs15 mim 6 missile launcher can destroy fireteams, catch people unaware and splash a template on unsuspecting models and overall ruin somebodies day. Avoid using the missile on active turn though, burst one isn’t very efficient. Just the threat of a hidden missile can change the course of a game in your favor. The hacker profile exists also technically.


  • Uhlan: This is a super interesting light tag. Mimetism -3 and camo, along with a HMG and an extra burst feuerbach means it can really bully enemies in long range surprise attacks. It is spendy at 88 points and is only arm/bts 6 so you have to be a little careful with it. I would always bring an engineer along with this tag to keep it running, and always try to re-camo it whenever possible.
  • Squalos: If an Orc got to level 36 and evolved to its final form, it would be a squalos. it is an arm 8 bs 15 multi HMG tag with some cute weapon options available. You can take a heavy grenade launcher that comes with 2 extra damage for a few points tax. Its okay, the best specfire in NCA but still order inefficient. All the profiles have a multi pistol, which is a really nice ARO at close range and gives it anti material in CC which is important for scenarios. NCO is also very interesting and uncommon in Pano so feel free to take advantage of it. Its a fair tag for a fair price but doesn’t have mimetism or any other skills that make it stand out.


  • Bulleteer: Oh my god they can fireteam. These things are an absolute menace. Fast, mim -6, Spitfire (or heavy shotgun), repeater so they can easily get assisted fire, and cheap…. AND NOW THEY CAN FIRETEAM! Absolutely disgusting solo attack piece or fireteam attack piece. Go on a murder rampage early, post up in cover in the midfield and go into suppressive fire and just really lock down part of the board with this thing.
  • Peacemaker: Board control at its finest. Heavy shotguns, auxbots, and repeater coverage with forward deploy make these excellent at clearing out the midfield, as well as slowing down your opponents rambo pieces.
  • Clipper: its a missile bot. Take it with some guided strategy if you want to win want to lose all your friends.
  • Fugazi: You can take 3 in this sectorial and you should consider it! More of these means the rest of your army can be higher quality overall. The repeater coverage is also quite helpful. They are also better at discovering compared to most of the rest of your army.
  • Garuda: Your combat jumper/ parachutist and its a good one. Very inexpensive, fast at 6-4, and mimetism-3. You will often have an evo hacker so you are much more likely to combat jump it. All the weapon options are good, but the specialist profile may help solve your scenario problems.
  • Mulebot: if you have a bulleteer, take an evo hacker for marksmanship. Otherwise…these are fatbots.
  • Palbot: great to make your doctors and engineers more useful. very valuable if you are taking a tag and engineer.
  • Pathfinder: Sensor is a fantastic skill to help reveal pesky tokens and discover enemies. Additionally it is a 6-4 specialist with a repeater that can have marksmanship dropped on it. Worth considering.
  • Sierra bot: TR bot. You are likely to spend your SWC on other nasty things but this can be a useful defensive tool, and because you may often have an EVO bot its value goes up a bit. AVA 2 is interesting, but probably overboard. I guess you could take two swiss missiles and two TR bots and just play tower defense or something.


  • Locust: Very powerful gunfighters with mim-6 and bs12 and powerful weapons options. Breaker combi rifles are surprisingly powerful and can check a lot of otherwise tough models (BER). The specialists are probably the most appealing though. Infiltrating specialists with reaker combi rifles, d charges, and hacking devices (HD or KHD) makes them a flexible specialist that can fight their way up to the objective. Watch our for mines and chain rifles though. They will quickly end this models day and at ~30 points that is a bitter pill to swallow when some dickhole with a chain rifle trades for him. He is also the second best CC model in the army, unless you count Aids MA L2, which you should. Don’t use him in CC.


  • Lol-nope.

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