Winterfor is an army that consists of high quality gunfighters, strong melee pieces, and powerful high armor models. This army is pretty straightforward but even if you know what its doing it can be pretty hard to stop. Where it lacks combat jumpers, parachutists, and hidden deployers worth taking, it makes up for in pure blunt trauma. Combining tough high armor knights and tags with high mimetism gunfighters makes for a potent combination. On top of that they have fantastic access to MSV and Albedo which can really help solve a lot of problems.

Light Infantry

  • Fusilier indigo Richard Quinn: MSV1 wildcard with a decent enough weapon, also is a wip 13 forward observer. Decent to add to an aggressive fireteam for button pressing and backup fighting/MSV.
  • Fusiliers: the foundation of any good defensive core fireteam. The missile is the standout profile as 15 points can level a tag. The hacker is also nice as six sense turns off stealth. Great lt option protected by a fireteam.
  • Beasthunters: These guys are some of your only camo options and they are pretty good. the 9 point minelayer lacks camouflage but is a minelayer with AP mines that can defend your deployment zone! the others are more offensive pieces, packing camo state and forward deployment. These are great trading pieces that can help clear up the midfield and even attack a wide variety of targets. Don’t underestimate their surprise attack in CC, as they can actually outfight many enemies with it and hit pretty hard in the process.
  • Machinist: Your best only engineer. Can spend some extra points to give it mimetism and terrain total , and join fireteams of Nisse. You’ll take it often and its pretty good!
  • Curators: exist in this army for literally no reason. they cost more than the basic machinist and aren’t better, and cost less than the special machinist and are definitely worse. They also compete with the Karhu engineer who is absolutely godly by comparison. Cool model, no place in this army.
  • Shona carano: A budget CC model. She is vulnerable to shock but can annihilate almost anything she gets into CC with her Dam 18 AP Exp CCW. The ability to wildcard is handy for aggressive fireteams to give them something to ward off incoming threats, and a burst 3 nanopulser/ burst 4 SMG isn’t too shabby.

  • Trauma doc: Trauma docs have somehow gotten worse since N3. Linked paramedics do it better and cheaper. You can still take the trauma doc as the palbots are helpful and Command token rerolls are pretty reliable if you want to save your swiss guard or something.
  • Warcor: if you have 3 points and an order slot this should fill that gap nicely. Good ARO piece, good discover tool.

  • Flight Officer Agnes Ferreira: Cheap wildcard specialist character that also has a SMG and nanopulsar. Awesome way to fill out one of your 2 haris teams.

  • Karhu: Holy fucking shit these guys are amazing. BS 13 Mim 3, msv1, NCO, terrain total, climbing plus, and good guns! The engineer, and paramedic both have multi rifles and blitzens, while the paramedic has AP mines. The Feuerbach extra burst is unbelievable. These guys are also wildcards so splash them into any Haris and get a burst 4 feuerbach and cackle as enemy models just disintegrate under its powerful long range weaponry. These guys are faction defining.
  • Nokken: these guys are forward deploying mim 6 gunfighters at BS12. They compete pretty heavily with locusts and have lots of overlap. The standout profiles are the forward observer boarding shotgun, the Killer hacker (marker state specialist that shoots good is nice) and the spitfire. The spitfire unfortunately competes with the bulleteer. These guys are cool to splash into your army but be careful how they are deployed or they will just die for nothing.
  • Oktavia Grimsdottir: She is a burst 2 missile with dogged. Fine but competes with lots of 20-30 point models that are more compelling

Medium Infantry

  • Uma Sorenson: Uma has had a huge glow up! where she was once overcosted for having too much kit, now she is fairly priced. You either get a camo forward dep burst 4 SMG, or you get an extra damage breaker combi rifle. Both are pretty dangerous and the breaker combi rifle makes for a good specialist gunfighter to add to any fireteam. The camo version is pretty obvious as this army has little to no camo, but it is still good and has to be respected.
  • Chaska Longarms: These guys can actually make a compelling foundation for a haris fireteam. Since everything good in the army seems to be a wildcard, you can pretty easily have the combi rifle pulzar em grenades be the foundation of a fireteam while bringing along a lot of powerful utility weapons that can absolutely ruin somebody’s day. The autocannon and missile launchers are traps though. Use a karhu instead.
  • Infirmer: these are weird middle grounds, Cheaper paramedics exist, and better gunfighting paramedics exist in the Karhu. Good CC gunfighting doctors also exist in the Hospitaller Doctor. I don’t really see much room for these guys in your lists. Infirmers aren’t wildcards but are fireteam options for the knightly fireteams. They are fine, just in that middle ground of spending less points for not much worse doctoring, or spending more points on as good of a doctor but with better stats and equipment.
  • Nisse: These are pretty iconic MI for this army. MSV2 mimetism is a fantastic combination and the heavy machine gun profile is excellent. The Karhu kinda steps on their design space, especially any of the combi rifle or even the sniper one, but the HMG is pretty unmatched in ability to win long range face to faces. They can make a good haris as well, but definitely want to cheapen it a bit with the winterfor machinist and Agnes to make it not break the bank.
  • Gunnar Lundmark: Big hammer energy with a really hard hitting damage 14 multi rifle. He is a weird model, combing good short range gunfighting with hard hitting CC. Dogged, and specialist, he makes for a good attacking piece.

Heavy Infantry

Orc troops: These troops have had a huge glow up, but are probably outclassed in the fireteam business by Bolts, and way outclassed as solo attack pieces by Swiss Guard. Not bad, not great. Boring and reliable… as always.

Hospitallers: These guys are really cool. They are a bit slower than Orcs at 4-4 instead of 6-4, but come with Frenzy, good cc skills and weapons, and a decreased price tag. The standouts here are forward deploying boarding shotgun D-charges, the HMG, and the doctor profiles. These guys are good at everything and make for a good Haris Team to counter the downside of frenzy.

Kyle Hawkins: This monster drinking man-child is really cool. Specialist, wip13, MMR, and really good CC stats make him a great addition to your army. He can really do it all as long as you are within 24″ and thats a great place to be.

Knight of Justice: Arm 5 S2 infantry with BTS 9. These guys are hard nuts to crack and rock BS14 and great CC stats and weapons. The standouts here are the forward deploying spitfire, the Missile as an ARO piece in a fireteam, and even the hacker. Wip 13 BTS 9 makes this close to a 2 wound interventor and that is a really cool place to be.

Boyg: Big thicccc HI. These guys are weird, and rock extra burst on their guns giving them burst 2 missiles, burst 3 heavy pistols, or burst 4 mk12s. They can now be in a Haris so that is a lot more interesting than it once was. Never use their shock CCW, the heavy pistol is better. These guys are fun and are just sick models


  • Jotums: The best armored model in the game. While in cover it is immune to rifle fire and that can be a great place to be. This guy is hard to put down and easy to repair which can be absolutely aggravating. Faction defining model and one you should always expect when facing winterfor. Dont forget the panzerfaust, it makes for a good coordinated order member with it.


  • Bulleteer: Oh my god they can fireteam. These things are an absolute menace. Fast, mim -6, Spitfire (or heavy shotgun), repeater so they can easily get assisted fire, and cheap…. AND NOW THEY CAN FIRETEAM! Absolutely disgusting solo attack piece or fireteam attack piece. Go on a murder rampage early, post up in cover in the midfield and go into suppressive fire and just really lock down part of the board with this thing.
  • Peacemaker: Board control at its finest. Heavy shotguns, auxbots, and repeater coverage with forward deploy make these excellent at clearing out the midfield, as well as slowing down your opponents rambo pieces.
  • Clipper: its a missile bot. Take it with some guided strategy if you want to win want to lose all your friends.
  • Fugazi: You can take 3 in this sectorial and you should consider it! More of these means the rest of your army can be higher quality overall. The repeater coverage is also quite helpful. They are also better at discovering compared to most of the rest of your army.
  • Mulebot: if you have a bulleteer, take an evo hacker for marksmanship. Otherwise…these are fatbots.
  • Palbot: great to make your doctors and engineers more useful. very valuable if you are taking a tag and engineer.
  • Pathfinder: Sensor is a fantastic skill to help reveal pesky tokens and discover enemies. Additionally it is a 6-4 specialist with a repeater that can have marksmanship dropped on it. Worth considering.
  • Sierra bot: TR bot. You are likely to spend your SWC on other nasty things but this can be a useful defensive tool, and because you may often have an EVO bot its value goes up a bit. AVA 2 is interesting, but probably overboard. I guess you could take two swiss missiles and two TR bots and just play tower defense or something.


  • Locust: Very powerful gunfighters with mim-6 and bs12 and powerful weapons options. Breaker combi rifles are surprisingly powerful and can check a lot of otherwise tough models (BER). The specialists are probably the most appealing though. Infiltrating specialists with reaker combi rifles, d charges, and hacking devices (HD or KHD) makes them a flexible specialist that can fight their way up to the objective. Watch our for mines and chain rifles though. They will quickly end this models day and at ~30 points that is a bitter pill to swallow when some dickhole with a chain rifle trades for him. He is also the second best CC model in the army, unless you count Aids MA L2, which you should. Don’t use him in CC.
  • Kunai Solutions Shitty Ninja: honestly…these guys kinda suck. Take them for funsies but without any specialist options and other hidden deployers or parachutist this guy adds very little to the amry.


  • Liang Kai: Dodgey melee beatstick that can explode most any target it gets to. A fun option to splash into your lists but it competes with many of the knights and characters at similar points costs.

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