Invincible Army

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Light Infantry

  • Zhanshi: The humble line troop of the state-empire. In Invincibles you can use them as a cheap way to get a fireteamable Shang Ji HMG. Or you can use them in a defensive core, but be careful you can only bring 4 of them. So you’re gonna need to bring a wildcard in.
  • Zhanshi Yisheng: Your cheep cheep cheep doctor. With helper bot remotes, these Doctors can get everywhere but suffer from the high phys in this faction where you can have paramedics in your link teams.
  • Mech Engineer: A cheap engineer, can be very useful to support a TAG list.
  • Chung-Hee Jeong: A Betrayal comic character. One profile has a K1 combi rifle and the other has a light rocket launcher. As a wildcard he is quite tempting to put into a fireteam but watch out, he is not survivable if he gets hit with templates.
  • Warcor: Your favorite expendable ARO piec with a flash pulse and not awful discover WIP of 13. Take the 360 vizor one to help protect your deployment zone. If you have the points, always take one.

Medium Infantry

  • Daoying: In most people’s opinion this is THE Lieutenant choice. It is camo, with mimetism -3, and every profile has some phenomenal uses. Having +2 Lieutenant order is excellent for models who have NCO (Mowang, Krit, Tai Sheng, etc.) and the hacker or Multi-Sniper Rifle profiles have the opportunity to put your opponent into some sticky situations with surprise attack. Generally I only take the Lieutenant option but depending on the mission taking the non-LT options might be beneficial to your lists. Don’t hesitate to try them
  • Lei Gong: One character that has taken some time off from fighting in Ariesta! To support the best State Empire troops. With Albedo, MSV1, and No Wound Incapacitation he can be an amazing asset for a link team with either his shock marksman profile or the submachine gun chain of command profile. This is an excellent piece for missions like the objective room ones or High Classified.

Heavy Infantry

  • Zuyong: The cheap heavy infantry arm of this sectorial. These bad bois are great with +1 burst breaker pistols and a whole host of weapons. Some standout options are the paramedic and missile launcher profile, which either can be phenomenal additions to a core fireteam. The HMG option with Regeneration is also a wonderful attack piece, if you don’t want to pay the big bucks for Shangjesus.
  • Yan Huo: Mowang but sooooo much cooler with long range weapons. Big spendy bois who are bioimmune. One interesting ARO profile is the Neurocinetics +1 burst missile profile that can shut down heavily armored TAGs like a Jotums or make a fireteam think twice before walking into line of sight. In terms of active turn pieces, remember these thiccbois have a special fireteam where you must have at least one(1) Zuyong. My favorite way to run a Yan Hou haris is HRMC Yan Hou(Which will be discussed in a second), a Zuyong Paramedic, and then a Haidao of your choice to make the link as cheap as possible. In a haris and HRMC is a burst 6(YES 6) weapon in your active turn. You could also have a burst 3 missile launcher in the same Haris, so feel free to hunt some TAGs!
  • Shang Ji: THE heavy infantry options with some of the best profiles in the entire faction. ShangJesus: a Shang Ji with Tactical awareness, an AP HMG, AND a tin bot -6 make this bad boy an auto include in a pain train fireteam. There are also two other tactical awareness Shang Ji, one with a Heavy Rocket Launcher and the other is a Forward Observer.
  • HaiDao: An amazing cheap wildcard option, with a great ARO piece in a link team. The MSV2 Multi-sniper can bully in a link team(especially with zhanshi as cheap options), but there are also some very compelling killer hacker and engineer profiles that can be incredible in a heavy infantry fireteam. These guys can make an aggressive heavy infantry core cheaper and allow you to have a couple more orders in your list.
  • Zhencha: A mim -3 camo infiltrating heavy infantry specialist, either forward observer or hacker. I’m not sure what else you could want, because this model can do all the classifieds you need.
  • Liu Xing: The GoobaStomperTM. A heavy infantry C O M B A T D R O P P ER and when it lands, there is an explosion. Every equipment option has a great place in a list, but you have to be careful and support it well. If you are bringing this bad boi make sure to bring the EVO hacker so you are landing on 17s.
  • Hulang: An expensive No Wound Incapacitation model with Mimetism -6, but lends a hand with his Martial Arts Level 2 and CC22. Can either be an FTO or a Forward Deployment +8” with minelayer and Crazykoalas. Is also a specialist operative. Funky models that can do a lot, so it could be a valuable flex piece for a pain train fireteam or even better as a solo objective hunter to bully camo tokens or other models.
  • Hac Tao: The better Swiss Guard. For an active turn killer look no further than the NCO HMG profile to rain fire. With the high BS, two wounds, and mim -6 you can bully a lot of models. This model is a pretty pricey piece at above 60 points but you can easily make this back. Much like a tag you do need to build your list to help support the Hac Tao.
  • Mowang: Big Thicc boy heavy infantry. Powerful ,well armored, mim -3, and lots of wounds. This guy rocks in the midrange firefight. The NCO spitfire in particular is an awesome addition to any army and makes for one of the best solo attacking pieces.
  • Tai Sheng: Expensive NCO forward observer character for your zuyongs. She pays a lot for a good variety of equipment and stats. The MK 12 is cute and unique for this army, but overall zuyongs do it cheaper.
  • Krit Kokram: This dude FUCKS. Being a wildcard NCO engineer with some amazing profiles he can be a great swiss army knife model. Want a long range gunfighter? Feuerbach FTO Krit. Need an engineer that can also gunfight in a pain train core team? Multi Rifle FTO Krit (which has +1 damage so it’s like a Spitfire!). Finally if you want to be a bully in the midfield, there is a forward deploy +8” with a heavy shotgun, minelayer, and the choice of E/M mines or a deployable repeater to really make your opponent think. Make sure to really think about what mission you are playing, because each Krit can easily have a place in your army.
  • Quang Gao: ShangJESUS’s jealous older brother, with a +1 damage HMG instead of an AP HMG. Also has a nanopulser and breaker pistol. While being a wildcard and having a +2 Lieutenant order profile there are just better profiles. If you have him try him out, but remember there are other Shang Ji to fulfill your wildest fantasies.


  • Guija:


  • Weibing Yaokong: A forward observer sensor bot.
  • Husong Yaokong: Your stereotypical TR Bot. Full burst with an HMG at BS11 with a 360 Visor. It won’t win you games but they can force your opponent to spend orders dealing with the remote. In a faction that does not have cheap ARO pieces, the Husong reigns supreme. Also with an EVO hacker this HMG remote can be a force to be reckoned with.
  • Son-Bae Yaokong: its a missile bot. Take it with some guided strategy if you want to win want to lose all your friends.
  • Chaiyi Yaokong: The humble flash bot. You can take 2 of them, 2 regular orders for 14 points gives you some decent ARO options while allowing you to save points to create the pain train fireteam of your dreams.
  • Yaoxie Rui Shi: The hard counter to a Bulleteer, an MSV2 Spitfire fat boi. Being an S4 remote has a bunch of pros, it will be very easy to hide it and you can also give it marksmanship if you have an EVO hacker. If you are bringing the Rui Shi you should have a Pangguling EVO hacker to support. Be careful to not over extend with this model, because it is HAS ARMOR 0. So be careful if a chain rifle warband comes up to wreck ya.
  • Yaoxie Lu Duan: These things are fucking weird. They can holomask as… a fatbot, or a rui shi. They have weird weapons. MK12 and flamethrowers is a fun combo. Weird unit that seems ufn to play around with.
  • Yaozao: 3pt helper bots for Doctors or Engineers. Very useful to have to support your pieces all across the board.
  • Yaopu Pangguling:The ugliest models in this faction line at the moment but so incredibly useful. A cheap baggage bot that can be in fireteams, which can be incredibly useful for sector control missions as well as allowing your troops with disposable weapons to reload.


  • Heavy infantry are skirmishers.


  • Heavy infantry are warbands.

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