General Tips and Thoughts


Military Orders Action Pack

Fill out your main command group with orders. You will almost never get to use your full order pool in a match. Either your opponent will strip orders from your pool or they have started doing damage to your order pool. You should program some redundancy so you have your list can function when it takes a hit.

If you choose to do something like a 7-8 or 6-9 split, make sure you put in efficiencies that either give you more effective orders (Tactical Awareness, Strategos, Inspiring Leadership, NCO) or get your troops where they need to be sooner (alternative deployment, high mobility). 

Models that are Irregular are not inherently bad. In fact, most times they are quite valuable. Just don’t overdo them to the detriment of your order pool. They tend to fall into the two groups:

Shaolin Monk
  • Models that you will already be spending orders on anyway because they are really good at a specific job. Put them in a pool where you can feed them extra orders
    • Examples include Bandits, Uberfall Kommandoes, Hunzakuts, Bashi Bazouks, Raoul Spector (Parachutist/Combat Jump), Dog Warriors/Bearpode/Duroc, Irmandinhos
  • Cheap Models that you are willing to sacrifice to harass your opponent’s forces. They can be left in a smaller command group or be fed orders from a larger pool
    • Examples include Warcors, Shaolin, Ghazi, 45th Highlanders, Morlocks, Preta/Gaki, 

Dice and Face to Face

Face to Face example from the rulebook

Infinity uses D20s which have an extremely wide range. They can swing wildly. A Charonitid in cover (Arm 5+3) can still lose a wound to a pistol (Damage 11) while a Warcor (Arm 0) can potentially shrug off an Damage 18 explosive strike from Achilles. The stats are designed such that there are very few guarantees in the game system with something like a Jotum in cover (Arm 10 +3) vs Damage 13 normal ammo being a notable exception. 

To normalize those rolls, you have to throw more dice at it. Burst solves many problems. Generally speaking, the more dice you can throw to succeed, the better. The more dice your opponent has to save with, the worse for them. Burst may no longer be king, but they are certainly a favorite for Prime Minister. Once you start tossing more than three dice, the chance of you scoring a crit is not insignificant. 

That said, Success Values can be reduced down by a maximum mod of -12. If that success value can be reduced down to 0 or below, such as a BS 12 Fusilier being reduced by -12 from surprise attacking Intruder through smoke from long range, then the skill automatically fails. 


13 is the break point attribute value where you always have a chance. You may get a BS13 Sineater to have a -12 mod, but even then that’s 4 chances for him to throw a crit back at you.

When you are engaging in a face to face, particularly as an Active turn player, try to make sure you stack the odds in your favor through some combination of burst advantage or mods. Even fights tend to burn a lot of orders and you need those orders to do things. Sometimes you can get away with bullying other models just by relying on being able to take a stray hit or two due to Arm/BTS/more wounds.

You can’t always pick your battles, but trying to outshoot a Total Reaction HMG Remote with a Combirifle Alguacil from outside of 16” is a losing proposition. 


That said, sometimes it’s beneficial to not engage in the face to face system. A direct template auto hits, ignoring pesky modifiers like mimetism/cover. Laying a mine can stop an opponent’s rampage. Other times, you just really need to make that Objective related WIP roll even while your opponent has a bead on you. Sometimes you just need to move a little farther. It’s generally a good idea to oppose your opponent’s roll, but sometimes you just need to let your opponent get the free shot in while you accomplish the mission. 

Direct Templates are particularly valuable as an active turn player because the mere threat of them can force your opponent not to take an offensive action back but Dodge instead. A Boarding shotgun Hospitaller can waltz up an opponent and ask them confidently what their ARO is. If the opponent chooses to dodge the potential burst 2 direct template, the Hospitaller can use hit mode to oppose the dodge while not being in any physical danger themselves. If the Opponent chooses to shoot back, the Hospitaller can just lay down the templates confident their armor and extra wound will keep them functional. 

Hackers can force similar bad choices on hackable targets. It’s all about forcing your opponent to make a choice and having an option to punish with it. 


Useful Shortcuts & Notes

  • 8” is the length of wall of the Objective Room
  • 12” is the default deployment on a 48” x 48” map
  • 24”, useful for measuring Spitfire/Flash Pulse Range is half the length of a 48” x 48” map
  • A small teardrop template is just over 8” long while a large teardrop is over 10” long
  • A base for a S1/S2 is 1”

Range Bands

While it can be bewildering to try to figure out Infinity’s range bands, just remember everything is separated into 8” divisions. Also, range bands can usually be broken down into 5 general categories. Please note these categories are grouped into what is their positive range as well as the preceding ranges, there is some variation on where a -3 transforms into a -6. 

  • Short AKA  Pistol/shotgun Range (+3/6 from 0-8”, +0 from 8-16”, -3/6 from 16-24”)
Boarding Shotgun
  • These are weapons that you want to be extremely close to use, covering all variety of pistols, shotguns, and even submachine guns
    • These are favored by close quarter troops or as backup weapons for someone with a longer range gun
    • While they aren’t great at it, don’t discount shooting with them if they are the only weapon you have that can reach that range
    • Grenades and Thrown weapons are even more truncated, reaching out to only 16” and 8” max respectively
  • Close Mid aka Combi/Rifle range (+3/0 from 0-8”, +3 from 8-16”, -3 from  16-32, -6 from 24-48”)
Combi Rifle
  • One of the most common weapon types, these medium close weapons are often found on standard line troopers
    • High tech factions get the +3 from 0-8” on their combi/multi rifles, letting them engage at close range.
    • The +0 from 0-8” rifles tend to be found in lower tech factions (Ariadna, Haqqislam), as well as on specialist weapons like the Adhesive Launcher
    • Grenade launchers are fall in this range except they have +0 from 0-16”
  • Mid aka Spitfire Range (+0/-3 from 0-8”, +3 from 8-24”, -3 from 24-32”, -6 from 32-48”)
  • These versatile midfield weapons tend to be more powerful than standard rifles, leveraging longer range and usually some combination of extra damage or burst
    • Spitfires are the most commonly seen weapons of this type, with Mk12s, red furies, marksmanship rifles,  & light rocket launchers also being notable examples.
    • The humble flash pulse also is in this rangeband, allowing ARO’s with better ranges than standard rifles.  
    • Due to their generous +3 range band, they are able to engage a wide variety of threats 
  • Long Range  aka HMG Range (-3 from 0-8”, +0 from 0-16”, +3 from 16-32, -3 from 32-48”)
Heavy Machine Gun
  • This type of range band is reserved for heavier weapons designed to rain destruction from well outside of other weapons max range. As such these tend to be on sweeper units designed to  bully/scalpel out long range threats.
    • The Heavy Machine Gun is the standard example in this range band, with artillery pieces like the hyper rapid magnetic cannon, feuerbach and heavy rocket launcher being other standouts
    • A lot of disposable weapons, such as the panzerfaust, flammenspeer, blitzen, and akrylat-kanone use this range
    • Sniper Rifles take this range, except extend their good range all the way out to 48” and can still shoot out to 96”
  • Missile range (-3 from 0-8, +0 from 8-24”, +3 from 24-40”, -3 from 40-96”)
Missile Launcher
  • Packing powerful payloads Missile Launchers pay for that by packing one of the most awkward range bands
    • You must be at least half way across the table before you get a bonus to hit with this weapon, though once past that range you can outrange everything but Sniper Rifles

Written by one of our Rafael Sabino.