Code One Product Review: PanOceania Action Pack

What is included

The Infinity Code One action packs are the single faction contents of previously released Code One Operation Boxes and the Beyond Box. These make them an excellent entry point into an army or into the game. They do not come with terrain or dice or tokens though, but these are not hard to acquire otherwise.

PanOceania Action Pack

This set contains the foundations of a Winterfor army, or a lot of cool vanilla pieces. I will break down each of the models in the army, to not only help you identify who is who, but also to take a chance to talk about them briefly.

Humble fusiliers are excellent additions to most Sectorials (Sub armies that give access to some unique models and profiles as well as powerful fireteam options) as well as Vanilla Panoceania. They are your basic line troop who will mostly spend their days as a cheerleader, deployment zone guard, and safe LT. Here you get 3 of them with pretty cool poses in their fancy winter gear with combi rifles. I love these models and hope we get a winterfor Fusilier SWC box to compliment these awesome models. These are very useful models, and will find their ways into lots of your lists. In Code One they may have less of a place due to the 10 model maximum and the desire to take more fun toys, but they will still find a place.

Nøkken with Boarding Shotgun

Nøkk are a great example of PanOceanian light infantry. Extremely dangerous in a gunfight, but lightly armored. This forward deploying gunfighter can punch well above his weight class. As equipped in this model he packs a powerful boarding shotgun, and can have MSV1 or be a specialist profile for completing mission objectives. Both are very situationally useful. I would definitely consider proxying him as a spitfire Nøkk as that is a fearsome profile.

Infirmarer with Combi Rifle

Infirmarers are Military Orders Doctors that have both better shooting skills, better doctoring skills, and better close combat than your standard PanOceanian doctor. In Code One, these represent a good one point upgrade to your standard doctor, in N4 they are in a weird place. You can spend less points on a doctor or paramedic and have nearly as good of a doctor, or spend more points on a hospitaller doctor and have a significantly better combat piece with two wounds.

Varg with Spitfire

The Varg is a model that feels very different from Code One to N4. In Code One they are very standard Medium infantry. Reasonable armor and good shooting stats but no really relevant special rules. In N4 they have Albedo which is a very rare rule that renders them invisible to models with MSV for the first round of the game. This is a weird piece of utility but can be very powerful in certain matchups.

ORC with Multi Rifle

In both Code One and N4 ORCs are fast and efficient heavy infantry that gunfight with the best of them. Their speed and access to heave weapons make them powerful threats, especially to models without mimetism. They are the boring but dependable heavy infantry of the faction and they do it well.

Bøyg with Missile Launcher

The Bøyg is an odd one. Burst 2 missile combined with good armor can really crack a tough target if you can find it. It has good dodge stats, and is basically as tough as a Knight of Justice (spoiler). This is a bit of an odd duck as he doesn’t really win firefights super well, but when he does, you really know it. Don’t forget about the burst 3 heavy pistol for close range engagements!

Knight of Justice with Spitfire

This is a very dangerous heavy infantry. She is equipped with top of the line armor that is both as fast as an Orc, and better armored with both better armor and BTS. She is even tougher than the Bøyg with the same armor (5) and better BTS (9!) She is dangerous in close combat, and in ranged combat, and with access to forward deployment she can be in good spitfire range almost immediately. This is the premium attacking piece in this box for sure.

Locust with Marksman Rifle

The locust fills a similar roll to the Nøkk. He is an infiltrator that packs mimetism (-6) and good gunfighting skills. He is also somewhat resistant in CC, but does not excel there. Like the Nøkk he has to watch out for template weapons that can take him out very quickly. Keep him in those good marksman rifle ranges and pick on enemies without the gear to fight back. In N4 you will likely gravitate more towards the specialist profiles with hacking devices as it allows you to have an infiltrating specialist to complete missions.

PanOceania Code One List WYSIWYG

The Models

These models are all made to the standard we expect from Corvus Belli, that is to say that they are amazing. That said, In my opinion the sculpts in this set fall a little flat for me in one major way, the damn pistols. Why are so many models in this kit brandishing a pistol! Three models are swinging a pistol around, and of those 3 only 1 of them would every have much reason to use one and that is the Varg who is somewhat worried about the 0-8 rangeband with his spitfire. Add on the Infirmarer who is wielding his medkit (which lets face it, looks like a pistol), and 40% of the models in this set are swinging handguns around. PanOceania is known for its long range gunfighting, not its short range pistol work. Beyond that, the Knight of justice has a somewhat fiddley tactical ice rock she is standing on that may be troublesome for your specific basing scheme. Outside that, the last aesthetic complaint I have is that adding a winter coat to the Orc somewhat conflicts with the Aquilla Guards design space as Orc like troop with a trench coat.

All of that said, my arbitrary gut feeling grading system is giving the models in this kit an overall grade of a B.

Code One Rules Experience

This gets you a reasonable Code One army that seems to compare fairly well with it’s Yu Jing counterpart. For this evaluation I will be comparing Action packs to their starter set counterpart to keep my own sanity.

Both the PanOceania and Yu Jing sets have good access to mimetism. The PanOceania force is lacking in good ranged MSV when compared to Yu Jings Ye Mao Spitfire, and it has the similar model in the Guilang MSV1 Boarding shotgun to the Nøkk. All in all, you won’t feel particularly underpowered, and your immediate access to a real doctor may prove beneficial compared to Yu Jing (who can upgrade any of their Zhanshi to be paramedics like you can with your fusiliers. Overall, this is a good entry level army that will absolutely give you a feel for the game and Winterfor in general. Beyond starting out there are some shortfalls here. The Bøyg is a fantastic model, but feels hard to fit into an army, especially the missile launcher profile included here. This especially sucks because it is one of the more expensive models in this box, at 4.5 points, meaning that replacing it with something else will just put you at a bigger point deficit as you try to get to 30 points. Orc with Multi rifles also tend to be overshadowed by other options, as well as the HMG itself. I would contend, when compared to the Yu Jing Action pack it falls significantly short in that regard.

Overall, my Code One Experience here is middling, ranked at a C+.

Expanding into N4.

I am on record as not being the biggest fan of Code One. As an intro ruleset for your first 5 games with a friend it is fine, but beyond that the game really is best when played with N4 rules. This section takes two things into account, first is how well it functions and expands into N4, but also how much of a rules shock you will have when you convert into n4.

First, lets compare the Code One List (WYSIWYG) to its N4 counterpart.

So, the baseline here is that things are mostly the same! This is good to see. The Knight of Justice picks up D-Charges just in case you want to explode things in close combat instead of just dicing them in half twice. Weapons and points are overall very similar to Code One.

Lets look more closely at individual rules added to models.

Fusiliers: Added Cube

Nøkk: Gain Terrain (Total), Added Cube

Infirmarer: Gain Religious Troop, Added relevancy of Command Tokens for Doctor Re-rolls, Added Cube

Varg: Gain Albedo, Terrain (Total), Super Jump, Added Cube

ORC: Unchanged, Some profiles have Climbing Plus, Terrain (mountain), Added Cube

Knight Of Justice: Gains Immunity (Shock), Religious Troop, Stealth, Terrain (Mountain), adds D-Charges to weapons, Added Cube

Bøyg: Gains ECM (Hacker -3), Immunity (Shock), Terrain (Total), Added Cube

Locust: Gains Terrain (Total), Stealth, Marksman Rifle becomes Shock Marksman Rifle, Added Cube, Infiltration rules have significant changes in N4.

Most of these changes are so minor as to not even be noticed in most games. Cubes are something you get used to pretty quickly, and for many armies are on nearly every model. The biggest changes here is Terrain skills, Stealth, and Religious Troop. Overall, your army will play almost entirely the same in N4 as it did in N3. For me that is hugely important for the new player experience.

Now lets talk about how this action pack performs in N4. Overall I would say it will struggle to plug directly into N4 and succeed. It does feature some fun Haris options. If you ignore the weapon options it gets a bit better, with the ORC using a HMG, and the Bøyg likely wielding a Mk12. All in all, you will definitely want some of either the booster packs to play Vanilla PanOceania, or some of the other kits like a Jotums, Remotes, Peacemakers and Bulleteers, or the Nøkk Spitfire. Additionally the Karhu Box has finally been announced, and if you plan on playing Winterfor in N4 that is an absolute auto purchase.

All in all, there are probably at least 2-3 models you will often not include in your armies in this box, them being the Bøyg, the Infirmarer, and often the Varg. In N4 you should have 12-15 models anyways, so each of the Action packs should expect to add more models so it isn’t the end of the world.

Overall, the ease of transition of all he models here is let down by your likely desire to replace some of the spendy models in the box. The resulting grade is a B.

Starter Materials

This set comes with no extras like Dice, Tokens, Play Mat, Rules Primer, etc. that you would normally find in the 2 player Code One starter sets. This is a slight disappointment, as even just having Dice and Tokens would be pretty handy for a new player who wants to start this army and not one of the armies in the 2 player boxes. Tokens and extra D20’s are pretty easy to come across, and an established meta probably has extras to hand out.

Online Resources

All that said, It wouldn’t be fair to overlook the fact that Corvus Belli Provides the rules in PDF form for free, a fantastic army builder…for free, and a great Wiki that means you almost never need to read the rulebook once you are established with the basics.

With no need to buy any rulebooks, subscribe to a monthly service, or pursue Battlescribe solutions, the lack of a few tokens and dice seems to be only a minor miss. Overall I rate the starter materials as a B.


This product retails for about $102, which is a bargain way to enter any miniature game system with almost a full army. You get each miniature for about $10, which is a pretty fair rate, especially for a game that requires very few miniatures. The fact that a new player doesn’t need to buy any rules, or subscribe to an army service is also massive. I cannot overlook the quality of that free content in regards to a new player starting the game.

The value here is amazing, nearly perfect as far as miniature wargames go, Easy A.

Closing Thoughts

Overall this is a great product to start your Journey into PanOceania, and more specifically Winterfor. Aspects of it could be improved but all in all it is a good product that fulfils the purpose of giving you a good starter force for PanOceania and a good learning experience in Code One. If you like the look of this army, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy this box and start your adventure with this army.

The final score for this product overall is a very respectable B. There are certainly areas it can improve, but it is definitely a well above average product to start or expand your Infinity journey.

Code One ExperienceC+
Expanding into N4B
Starter MaterialsB
Overall ScoreB
PanOceania Action Pack Report Card

Stay tuned for product reviews of the rest of the Code One PanOceania line of products.

Disclaimer: No product was provided for the purposes of this review.

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