Code One Product Review: PanOceania Support Pack.

What is included

The Infinity Code One support packs are specialist expansion packs that typically contain a doctor and engineer along with some helper bots

PanOceania Support Pack

I will break down each of the models in the box, to not only help you identify who is who, but also to take a chance to talk about them briefly.


The humble Machinist is your barebones engineer. Competent at gunfighting with his BS12, and adequate at his specialist role with wip12. There are more impressive specialists, but this one may be needed to support your TAGs and even heavy Infantry. In Code One you can upgrade him to be, inexplicably, a shock army model, which gives him mimetism (-3)

Trauma Doc

The Trauma Doc is your barebones doctor. Like the engineer she is bs12 and can fight when needed, but also is only WIP 12 which makes her not very good at actually healing models. In Code One you may as well take her instead of a fusilier paramedic, but do consider using the medkit instead of the doctor skill for any model above Phys 12.

Palbots are handly little helpers that can work as hands for your engineers or doctors. Effectively they provide better coverage, speed, and lower the risk of actually trying to Doctor or Engineer something. This can be very useful for sticking on a roof next to an important piece to try to keep them alive into the late game. These guys are very useful and can pair with other models like your Infirmarer Doctor

The Models

What a glow up these models have had. Man, the old models were not great and these new ones are really really nice replacements. Gone is the Engineer Hunchback and the high fiving doctor.

The Horror of older models!

Cool models that do a great job replacing the old ones while remaining true to the older designs. They aren’t the most exciting sculpts, but they are still very nice looking models. A-

Code One Rules Experience

This gets you some basic support models to help flesh out your army and keep them all in the fight.

Army List

In general I would always try to find a half point for the SAA (Mimetism(-3)) upgrade on the engineer, but its no big deal if you can’t. The Engineer is the standout here, as he can help fix your hacked heavy infantry, and keep your TAG in the fight. Healing a single structure on the cutter can be backbreaking. The Trauma Doc straight up replaces a fusilier Trauma Doc, but does compete with the Infirmarer for that doctor spot. She is only slightly better than the paramedics so she is not particularly compelling outside of access to the Palbots

Support packs are going to vary in usefulness depending more on your list than anything. Lists with lots of remotes and tags may want an engineer, otherwise he will likely sit around doing nothing all game. It is hard to judge a support pack as it isn’t the most exciting upgrade to your army, but that is just the nature of the kit.

Overall, my Code One Experience here is good, ranked at a B.

Expanding into N4.

I am on record as not being the biggest fan of Code One. As an intro ruleset for your first 5 games with a friend it is fine, but beyond that the game really is best when played with N4 rules. This section takes two things into account, first is how well it functions and expands into N4, but also how much of a rules shock you will have when you convert into n4.

First, lets compare the Code One List (WYSIWYG) to its N4 counterpart.

Machinists have lots of options depending on sectorial

As you might come to expect, the N4 rules look pretty similar. The Machinist is… a bit tricky to describe here. If you are playing Vanilla you just get the basic engineer with no extra rules. Each sectorial has their own flavor of special engineer. I chose Winterfor here because it is the most likely place you will start after leaving code one.

Lets look more closely at individual rules added to models.

Machinist: Added Cube, D-Charges, Terrain(Total) and a few other rules depending on sectorial, Gizmokit.

Trauma-Doc: Added Cube

Palbot: Gain Courage, Immunity (Shock)

The engineer has the most changes here, with D-charges and gizmokits potentially being very big changes to what they can do in both some missions and repairing models. Any list with a tag will be interested in taking an engineer of some kind and this is the cheapest one

The trauma doc finds itself outclassed by paramedic fusiliers in sectorial that allow it, and can easily proxy as one herself and looks great doing it.

Overall, the ease of transition of all he models here is let down by your likely desire to proxy the Trauma-Doc as a paramedic. The resulting grade is a B.


This product retails for about $40. This keeps the cost to about $10 a model, but with 2 of them being Palbots it feels more like 3 models worth of content. This gives it a pretty middling value of closer to $13 a model which is a bit high for my tastes. This coupled with the fact that support packs aren’t exciting make it a harder value proposition.

The value here is only okay, it isn’t abysmal, but any worse and it would be quite bad. C

Closing Thoughts

Overall this is a good addition to support your army. It may not be exciting, but it likely will see a lot of use in your time playing Infinity. It combines great models, with needed utility. A lot is rescued by the fact that the Trauma-Doc makes for a great Fusilier Paramedic proxy.

The final score for this product overall is a respectable B-. The Value of this box is really what lets it down. The cost is just a little bit high, especially for models that are not inherently exciting.

Code One ExperienceB
Expanding into N4B
Overall ScoreB-
PanOceania Support Pack Report Card

Disclaimer: No product was provided for the purposes of this review.

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