Code One Product Review: PanOceania Dronbot Remotes Pack.

What is included

The Infinity Code One Remotes packs add some utility to your army.

PanOceania Dronbot Remotes Pack

Dronbots remotes add a bit of remote support to your army.


These models are very common across most all armies with small subtle differences. They provide a range of options that can help provide interesting utility to your army.

The Models

The old dronbot models were…fiddley and a little goofy looking. These new ones are sleek and really cool.

The biggest improvement here are the weapons. They are much more distinct and make the different bots much easier to tell apart than in the past. The simple thing of putting a very visable HMG on the side of the bot is a huge improvement over the old chin barrels that were hard to differentiate beween the combi rifle and the HMG. These models are really cool, but not the most exciting thing known to man. B+

Code One Rules Experience

In Code one these models provide some vague support to your army

This box gives you 2 remotes that you can build into any of 4 options. I will review the Code One experience with each of them.

Fugazi: This is your standard flashpulse bot, or at least it would be if flash pulses existed in Code One. This is really an odd inclusion, as a Code One player will think this is a useless half point model, which is entirely accurate. This changes dramatically in N4 believe it or not.

Pathfinder: This is a fast specialist with a combi rifle. Once again this may feel like a pointless model, as it is trading speed for BS when compared to something like a fusilier, Trauma-Doc, or Machinist.

Clipper: This is a guided missile bot. Code One does allow for some ability to use guided with your hackers.

Sierra: This is by far the most compelling option for code one players. Total reaction bots with 360 vision are great tools to slow your opponent down and can be pressed into offensive service when needed.

Your code one experience here is pretty limited, I would say only 2 of them have any significant appeal, and of those only the Sierra is of real use. This is pretty bad for a new player F.

Expanding into N4.

I am on record as not being the biggest fan of Code One. As an intro ruleset for your first 5 games with a friend it is fine, but beyond that the game really is best when played with N4 rules. This section takes two things into account, first is how well it functions and expands into N4, but also how much of a rules shock you will have when you convert into n4.

First, lets compare the Code One Fugazi to its N4 counterpart.

Woah it does something now!

Fugazi: Added Remote presence, Immunity (Shock), Courage, Repeater, Flash pulse.

The Fugazi goes from being a useless model that only generates orders, to something with some value. Flash pulse is a fantastic ARO piece that can shut down almost any enemy in the game, and repeaters are hugely valuable. This is not a deployable repeater, this is a repeater built into a very fast model. This allows your Fugazi to protect your deployment zone from enemy hackable troops (with the aid of a hacker) but also allows somewhat aggressive use of the Fugazi to get an enemy model, preferably a HI, into hacking range. In N4, flash pulse bots will very frequently be a happy addition to your list.

N4 Pathfinder

Pathfinder: Gains Remote presence, Courage, Triangulated fire, forward observer, sensor, Immunity (shock), Deactivator, Repeater, Flash Pulse. Loses Specialist Operative (but still is a specialist)

This guy also has a TON of new rules for you code one players. Forward observing, for whatever reason, is not even a specialist option in Code one. Key changes here is that, the repeater and flash pulse as discussed above, but biggest of all is sensor. Sensor gives you +6 to discover, and gives you the special sensor skill that lets you discover everything in Zone of control (8″) on the roll of wip +6, including hidden deployers. Deactivators and triangulated fire are of limited use, but still toolboxes to have in the back of your head. Wow. This guy goes from pretty lame to hugely useful!

N4 Clipper

Clipper: Gains Remote Presence, Courage, Immunity (Shock)

This guy stays pretty much the same, but the existence of repeaters makes guided a lot more relevant. This guy is mostly the same, but things around him change extensively.

Sierra: Gains Remote Presence, Courage, Immunity (Shock)

The sierra stays pretty much the same as well. Something worth mentioning here is that the existence of EVO hackers in N4 makes total reaction HMG bots much more viable in active turn, adding some more flexibility to their use.

I think these dronbots are really deceptive if you come from code one. You probably think that only the total reaction bot is of any use. The Fugazi goes from literally a nothing model that generates an order, to a great utility piece that can actually provide reasonable security to your backline. The pathfinder goes from being a fast specialist, to a fantastic utility piece that helps discover things.

These models go from being almost worthless in code one, to highly useful in infinity N4. The resulting grade is a F.

There is just far too much change going on here on the most important models in this pack. I want to emphasize that this grade is based on the transitional shock you will face when going from code one to N4. These models are hugely useful in N4, I just think the Code One rules really let them down. These would have been better served not existing at all in Code One.


This product retails for about $33. This is pretty reasonable, but may feel like a bit much. Remember, you can only build 2 out of the 4 options here, so for code one I would recommend building at least one total reaction HMG bots. In general I this there is pretty low value here for Code One players. For N4 players these guys are great because they will show up so often in your lists, especially 2 flash pulse bots.

It makes it hard to grade the value here. It is a little bit high when compared to other code one kits, but also will probably see the heaviest use of any model you buy when you transition to N4. I am left at a loss on how to judge this because there’s 2 radically different answers. For value I am just going to assume the final goal of your Code One purchases is to play in N4.

Value grade: B+

Closing Thoughts

These models are a huge improvement, but their code one rules are pretty bad, and your transition to N4 will be pretty rough. The final grade here is not saying you should not buy them though, they will be hugely useful in N4. I think the execution of this product as a starter rules addition to your army is an abject failure in its design. A Code One player will feel like this was a wasted purchase, and is likely to ignore them when they transition into N4 for far too long. I would have included things like flash pulse and repeater in Code One. As it stands, I have no idea what this set of miniatures achieves in Code One that is a positive experience for the consumer. Fugazi are one of the most used models in your army, but Code One presents them as being absolutely worthless.

Code One ExperienceF
Expanding into N4F
Overall ScoreF
PanOceania Dronbot Pack Report Card

Disclaimer: No product was provided for the purposes of this review.

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