A Dirge for Taighas

It was bound to happen. First the avatar, now my precious taighas have been hit with the nerf bat. Did they need it? Probably? Am I dealing with this loss well? Most definitely not. They deserved to go fast. Getting courage is an interesting buff but let’s be frank, it shouldn’t come up in games in my opinion.

My sweet prince… nerfed!?

However what I am surprised to see is how the points changes have gone on with regards to BIKES(shoutout to my boy Tommy Buns) and mimetism. Removing the option of impetuous was good but I still feel like the warbands bikes are either too cheap to have mimetism, Desperadoes got it for 1 point, or more beefy bikes like the law keeper are still too expensive. Again personal taste here and I understand the 15 order cap will prevent a high noon scenario with full Ava desperadoes in a tournament setting. Seeing how upgrades are valued for certain models is very interesting and I’m glad CB is constantly tweaking things.

However what continually shocks me is Corvus Belli’s blindness(at least from my perspective) on the most broken and foul thing in the damn game: the Bearpode. Specifically the regular order non-impetuous bearpode. For 32 points you get two orders, and a hit piece that when used as a suicide bomber can easily have your opponents force in tatters at the end of a turn.

The most terrifying model in Ariadna

So this model has not received the same sort of criticism as an avatar or taighas, but in my meta and my experience it is incredibly hard to counter a bearpode with anything that is even close to its points. The bear by itself is a measly 23 points. When taking an Avatar you are sinking over a third of your army into a piece that can be one shot if you’re not careful.

But that isn’t the case with the bearpode. Being total immune as well as having the ability to gain cover, the bearpode can take a beating and still come out on top. No fiday or speculo can bring the bear to it’s knees, it’s total immune and 2 wounds make it very difficult to alpha strike.

So in my humble opinion, the real root of this issue is the bear being a regular order and being so cheap. You don’t hear anyone complaining about Devil Dogs…

Carlos or anyone at Corvus Beli, if you’re listening hear my prayers. I see a few options.

Option 1: make the bearpode impetuous, removing the cover bonus which makes it hard to kill

Option 2: give the controller tactical awareness and make the bearpode peripheral (control) to mirror the antipode assault pack. This enables some counter play by removing the controller while still having her as a useful model.

Option 3: raise the points or add swc. Look I think if there are no changes to the profile a points hike would be a useful change to balance the army composition. And it’s not like ariadna has a wealth of cheap units to use either.

Option 4: change the Ava in vanilla to zero. Vanilla keeps the option of impetuous bear but loses the regular bear which helps make the choice between Kosmo and vanilla harder to make.

In general, I really enjoyed the first round of ITS14 changes. The missions look neat and the tweaks to profile seem mostly deserved. My poor sweet innocent taighas have received a relatively minor nerf and I think these changes will make the game more interesting. However the main point of my writing is to bring into focus that the bearpode has been left unnerfed(that is a word) ever since the profile has been around which surprises me because how much the bearpode has destroyed my local meta.

I hope to hear other players perspectives, because maybe this truly is a local meta and I just need to “get gud”. I personally believe the regular order bearpode should be changed, but I might be in the minority.

If you wish for me to have some data on bearpode opinions, please fill out this very short survey, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


One response to “A Dirge for Taighas”

  1. You have to survive a bear to complain about it. Which explains why you don’t hear much…


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