Code One Product Review: PanOceania TAG Pack.

What is included

The Infinity Code One TAG packs are your heavy hitters of your army. Designed to dominate the battlefield through great stats, armor, and firepower.

PanOceania TAG Pack

Lets talk about this beast, the Cutter.


The Cutter is an absolute unit. It is the epitome of PanOceanic supremacy and is an absolute menace to any enemy. It combines a great gun, with the highest BS in the game, with mimetism (-6) Camoflague, and standard Tag Durability. This model is going to be at the forefront of your enemies attention as it is amongst the strongest single models in the game and can single handedly destroy armies. It isn’t unstoppable of course, and it is very vulnerable to short range and CC enemies so do be careful to keep it safe.

The Models

The old Cutter was cool, the new Cutter is a thing of absolute beauty.

This is a model that can get a person into infinity, and will be a centerpiece of your new PanOceania army. I love every single thing about this model and have no notes. A+

Code One Rules Experience

This is a premier attacking model, one that probably holds the title of strongest gunfighter in Code One.

Cutter Stats

My goodness, look at that. It costs almost 1/3 of your points and SWC but boy do you get a lot for that. You can put most targets at a solid -9 while you hit with 4 dice on 15s. This guy is absolutely devestating in active turn shooting and will be hard to pass on in any of your PanOceania Code One lists.

This may sound a bit weird, but I do think this model is too good for Code One, and is oppressive for your opponent. It isn’t unstoppable by any means, but I do think a mim-6 camo tag may be just a bit too much here.

Overall, my Code One Experience here is mixed, it may lead to negative play experience for your opponent who is also probably very new to the game, ranked at a C.

Expanding into N4.

I am on record as not being the biggest fan of Code One. As an intro ruleset for your first 5 games with a friend it is fine, but beyond that the game really is best when played with N4 rules. This section takes two things into account, first is how well it functions and expands into N4, but also how much of a rules shock you will have when you convert into n4.

First, lets compare the Code One to its N4 counterpart.

N4 Cutter

Wow thats a lot of extra rules suddenly appearing, theres also a whole new little crab robot! Something to know about TAGs is that they all have some kind of pilot, even the remotely piloted ones have a little robot that can pop out and try to push buttons with its specialist skill.

Cutter: Added Remote presence, Crabbot, Immunity (Shock) ECM Guided (-6), Tactical Awareness, Gizmokit (PH=13), Terrain (Aquatic), and most importantly, Hidden Deployment

Many of these changes don’t come up often, but lets cover the big ones. Remote presence lets you repair the tag easier with the expenditure of Command tokens, Tactical awareness gives the cutter a free irregular order, and hidden deployment lets you write down (or photograph) a location and secretly deploy the tag there in camo state. This keeps it 100% safe until it is revealed, but beware that if your LT is in hidden deployment you will start your turn in loss of lieutenant. Mostly it functions the same, in that it is an absolute murder machine in almost all ranged engagements.

A potential downside of your transition into N4 is that this model is only available in Vanilla PanOceania and Varuna. It cannot be in Winter Force which is where all of the action pack models are native to. It is hard to overlook this, especially when the Jotums would have also loved a new model for Code One. And may have been less oppressive for new players.

In general, this model transitions extremely well to Vanilla PanOceania, and functions mostly the same but with a few extra perks.

This model The resulting grade is a B.


This product retails for about $63. This is a bit on the spendy end, but it is also 1/3 of an army and an unbelievable model that you might find yourself using a lot just because it is absolutely devastating to field and looks great doing it. I do believe TAGS should come with their pilots, but since code one doesn’t have them it makes sense that this one doesn’t.

Value grade: B+

Closing Thoughts

This model is amazing, and if you ever want to play Varuna or Vanilla PanOceania I cannot recommend this model enough. In the Code One ecosystem though, it has a few issues that hold it back in my scoring method.

Code One ExperienceC
Expanding into N4B
Overall ScoreB
PanOceania Support Pack Report Card

Disclaimer: No product was provided for the purposes of this review.

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